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Anxiety and the Deer.

Anxiety and the Deer.


You may or might not know, but I live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. According to WebMD Generalized Anxiety Disorder is characterized by excessive, exaggerated anxiety and worry about everyday life events with no obvious reasons for worry. People with symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder tend to always expect disaster and can't stop worrying about health, money, family, work, or school. 


Lol does not sound fun right? 


Well, because of this "disorder" ugh it's such a negative word... I decided I needed to go on a spiritual journey to change my life and enlighten my soul. When I declared to the universe that I needed to find my own special tribe well let's just say I found it. I thought the universe would guide me to a woman's retreat or yoga studio somewhere zen. Nope, I found my tribe and the most powerful advice/understanding of my life in... group therapy. Yup group therapy for Depression and Anxiety none the less. I thought this would bring me nothing but tears and stomach aches but I met the most beautiful women and was taught amazing life changing skills. 


The one piece of extreme enlightenment was the story about the deer. My new spirit animal!


Have you ever heard or fight, flight or freeze? 


Just imagine that you are a majestic deer in the wilderness. Nibbling the grass, hanging out and totally enjoying your lovely dear life. Then out of nowhere, this beast of an animal comes out of the forest to either try to eat you and kick your ass for nibbling "his" grass. 


Your powerful deer heart will start pumping blood to your muscles, adrenaline is at full throttle, your pupils will dilate and you will decide in a split second whether you will Fight, Flight or Freeze. More than likely you the deer will not freeze/play dead, I personally would not fight the beast, your deer's ass is running... and you are running fast!


After you find a safe place in the secluded forest you will then release all of that energy. You will run around, play fight with your deer friends or even bang your antlers on the surrounding trees. 


These instincts are very necessary for survival... if you are a deer or if you plan on time traveling. In today's world, a lot of our dangers are in our head.


For example: Me in Walmart.


Walmart is always busy and very distracting and when you have a 9 year old girl asking a billion questions or just NEEDS that Shopkin well I want to punch that rollback smile in the face. When you have anxiety anything can be triggered, for me it was that damn Shopkin. 


"Mom, but plllleeeeaaaassseeeee! I need it."


Blood pumping (check)
Adrenaline full blast (check)
Pupils (check)


What will Sara do?


Sara will fight right out of there! Yup, I couldn't take it and had to run and get out of the situation with Maddie in tow. I was overwhelmed with looking for whatever it was on my list, the noise, the amount of people and then my poor Maddie just tipped it off. Of course it was not her fault it could have been anything. However, I was not as smart as the deer. I kept the energy locked in my body. So I decided to relive it in my head or think about if someone noticed me acting "crazy". 


Now when I feel like a panic attack is coming or after it is done. I acknowledge what is happening, try to stay grounded and present. If that doesn't work, now I know to do something.. ANYTHING. That something could be taking a walk, yoga, reading something funny, or in my case EMBROIDERY! Ah Embroidery is my saviour. The reason why I started was for this exact cause, to help me stay calm and collective. To bring out my inner deer spirit animal. 


So if you are like me or know someone with anxiety please remind them or yourself about the deer. You need to release that energy. If not you will be one spazzy deer.



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