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Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Products on Etsy.

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Products on Etsy.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know I am obsessed with my cats Maximus and Demetrius. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady, but I have good reason. Cats can help with depression, anxiety and stress! Yes, they are kind of like a furry superhero, no wonder you can find so many rad products featuring our feline friends. Check out what I found:

1.  Cat Brooch 

Cat Brooch

A Tiny Little Triangle creates bright, colorful and geometric accessories that are tiny pieces of art. Her products are so unique and this little brooch is just purrfect! You can get your paws on this kitty here. 

2. Cat Print

Cat Print

Danny B Studios paintings are absolutely breathtaking. You can find many feline friends as well as other furry and not so furry creatures here. She also offers custom pet portraits of your fur babies! How rad is that? 

3. DIY Felt Cats

Crafty Alien Studio  offers printable patterns for you to create your very own mini litter of kitties here! How sweet are these babies? I am sure you could even add cat nip in them to make adorable toys for your sweet kitty. 

4. Sterling Silver Cat Ring

Le Cubicule  designs eco-friendly jewelry made with recycled precious metals. This ring features tiny cat ears that are sweet and simple. 

5. Catnip Cotton Swab Toys

Legendary Pet Toys  seriously make the coolest cat toys ever! My Max is always ninja-ing his way around my room to find my cotton swabs and these puppies will totally be a safer option. 

6. Cat Makeup Bag

Happy Bag Co  sews up the cutest bags, pouches and get this... planner covers! All or her prints are super fun and will totally brighten your day. You can get yours here.

7. Cat Unicorn Stickers

riotcakes  has the raddest jewelry, pins and stickers. But their cat Rebel seriously takes the cake! Check out their 4 pack of huge stickers, I love them all! 

8. Girl Gang Kitty Pin

Yankee Dime Creations  are hella funny! These girls will certainly have your back claws and all! You can see these ladies here. And be sure to check out their sassy shirts while your at it!

9. Magical Pussy Mug

Swallow Like A Lady has all the mugs of our deepest thoughts. Her mugs are absolutely hilarious are not for the faint at heart. If you enjoy a little badass humor in the morning well then these are totally for you. You can check out this magical kitty here

10. The Cat Mod - Garden Complex

Catastrophi Creations  makes the most wicked cat furniture! My cats would be in cat heaven!! This complex, even incorporates cat-friendly plants. 

Bonus: Boho Gypsy Child ( my lovely kitties! ) 

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