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Why Do I Make Vaginas?

Why Do I Make Vaginas?


I would never think I would ever say this but, my vaginas are getting a lot of press and love lately. Recently I was interviewed and I thought I would share some of the questions I was asked. 


What made you decide to start depicting the female anatomy with your embroidery? Why is this subject matter important to you?


I am a feminist and I decided I needed to showcase this in my work. It started with feminist quotes, then I went a bit further by adding swear words. Then one day I was having a conversation with my ten year old daughter when she was asking me about periods. She then referred to her vagina as a cookie and that totally struck a cord with me. I told her that she had a vagina and she should never feel uncomfortable about saying that word because it is apart of her and it is not a dessert. She then said vagina was an ugly word and I said no it is beautiful like a flower. Then BAM the idea came. I sketched it out and made my first vagina flower hoop.


Now she asks me how many vaginas I sold that day and only refers to her vagina as what it is a vagina. 

 I think that if my 10 year old daughter thought of a vagina as ugly that many other people do to. I believe it is important to break the taboo about talking about vaginas and to appreciate them. They are what brings life to the world after all.


Do customers ever share their reasons for wanting to buy your anatomy-themed art? What’s a meaningful interaction you’ve had with a buyer?


I've had customers thank me and have told me they are beautiful. It warms my heart that there are so many people who appreciate my art. I reach out to my tribe on social media and ask what should I add to my next piece and the amount of responses I get is incredible. My customers are mainly woman who encourage women empowerment; however, I do get some orders from males. I am not sure if they are for them or a gift but either way my message is getting out there. 


Do you ever get criticism or bullying either online or in person over the things you make?

I am apart of a loving community and thus far I have not received any negative attention but I am sure if they gain more attention people I am sure will come out. My mother was pretty shocked at first when I told her what it was haha but I explained to her my reasoning and she is one of my biggest supporters.


So there you have it! This is why I make vaginas and I plan on creating more to have more of a variety because well vagina is the same! Click here to celebrate the beauty of the vagina!







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