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My Story

Why I started and what it's all about...

Celebrating female empowerment one stitch at a time. When your 10 - year old daughter says the vagina is ugly, you stitch beautiful vulvas that bloom. This happened in 2016; my goal was to show her that all vulvas are all beautiful and unique. Soon later I thought if my 10-year-old thought this way then I’m sure there are many other women in the world who would agree. My mission began that day, and I created pieces that celebrate women’s bodies, feminist views and the bohemian spirit. The goal today is still the same: To share and bring the classic beauty of embroidery out from the past private world of female domesticity into the public view with a new modern feminist twist. You can see this in my hand-embroidered floral vulva art, and snarky feminist quotes. And most importantly, a percentage of proceeds goes directly to female-focused charities to help future 10 - year old girls love their bodies. It’s my pleasure to share my creations with you — bold and free-spirited — and I hope it will empower your day, your home and your life.


Saint John NB, Canada


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