Hey lovely, welcome to The Femme Bohemian!

"Hey lovely, welcome to The Femme Bohemian! Here, we're all about celebrating you—your quirks, your style, and your uniqueness. We've got a fantastic collection of art that screams 'be yourself!' Think one-of-a-kind banners, art prints, stickers, and more—stuff that's perfect for starting fun chats and bringing good vibes.

Let me tell you a bit about us. It all started when my 10-year-old daughter said something that got me thinking: she thought vaginas were 'ugly.' That hit me hard, so I got stitching! Created these gorgeous vulva embroideries to show her (and every woman out there) that every body is beautiful and special.

That moment kicked off a mission—to celebrate women's bodies, shout out feminist views, and spread some boho love. Our goal? To take embroidery out from behind closed doors and give it a modern feminist twist, ya know?

Check out our hand-stitched floral vulva art and sassy feminist quotes—they're all about embracing who you are, loud and proud. Plus, when you snag something from us, you're not just decorating your place, you're backing a cause. We throw a percentage of every purchase to charities all about women's rights and wellbeing. Yep, you're making a difference!

So, join our crew and let's rock this empowering movement together. Let's celebrate being different, stand up for equality, and make our spaces shout our beliefs. Every piece here isn’t just decor—it's a statement that shouts