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Hey! I’m Sara, the head honcho/ fiber artist behind The Femme Bohemian. My art and business are another extension of me. Basically, if you roll feminism, wildflowers, pop culture and curse words all together well you get me The Femme Bohemian.


I’ve created art for as long as I can remember and decided to give embroidery a try in 2015 when I needed to keep my mind occupied. See I have anxiety and depression that I deal with on the regular and while practicing something that keeps my hands busy helps me tremendously. Embroidery has changed my life and opened so many doors that I couldn’t imagine happening.


I come from a long line of business women and artists. I was raised by a single mom and she was a tole painter. She would paint the most gorgeous things and would set me up next to her in her craft room and just let me create. I would tag along to all her shows as a kid and I was so proud to see the response my mom’s art would receive and I think that is what sparked this need to live in a community of makers. I still use many of her tools in my work, including her paint brushes when adding watercolor to my pieces. Not only will you get a piece of me, but you will also get a tiny speck of my fierce mother.


If you would like to hangout some more, please feel free to check out my Instagram to hear more of my stories and to see my latest creations. Thank you for stopping by!






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