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Feminist Embroidery
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The Femme Circle Blog

Where we celebrate women and female empowerment. You can learn more about the artist behind the hoop all things bohemian, eco-conscious, hand embroidery and more.

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10 Handmade Products Inspired by Movies That Pass “The Bechdel Test”

10 Handmade Products Inspired by Movies That Pass “The Bechdel Test”

In order to pass you must pass these simple criteria:
  1. It must have at least two [named] women in it. Not “Shop Girl 1”.
  2. Who talk to each other for at least 2 lines of dialogue.
  3. About something besides a man.
    For Example:
    Amy: “Hey Lisa, what are your plans today?”
    Lisa: “Nothing much Amy, just thinking about getting some pizza.”


      Easy right? Nope! 
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    Reviews! ★★★★★

    I bought this for my Mom for Mother's day because what else should she get except what made her a mom - her vagina! She loved it and i loved it!! It is so beautifully created and exactly what I was expecting. My mom loves telling everybody that I got her a designer vagina for Mother's day. I loved it so much I had to buy one for myself!

    Christina P

    I am through-the-moon happy about my order!! Pictures do not do justice to the quality of this embroidery (Sara, you are so talented!), and the hoop is in perfect condition. It arrived in just a few days, despite being across the country. Plus, the packaging is adorable and came with a hand-written card! I so appreciate the detail put into this, thank-you!! Best, JB

    Jennifer B

    LOVE. Seriously. A beautiful and honoring addition to the romance on my bedroom wall. Goth Vulva for life!

    Beth I

    Love it. Had saved it in my favorites for months until I was able to buy! So classy yet hilarious #SSDGM

    Sara L


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